Welcome and thank you so much for considering to study with me! 

What To Expect

Besides the fun and productive lessons with flexible scheduling, each student gets their own google classroom where you'll find all your homework including PDFs, Links, video aids, backing tracks, your archived zoom lessons, etc. And, if at any point you have a question, need a chart, or whatever, just drop a line and I'll get back to you ASAP!

New Students 

For new students, I offer discounted package and since I want to make sure the fit is good for both of us, there's no commitment. If you'd like to continue, I'll book the other two for you for of a length of your choice and you can pay for it after the first lesson. And if you're not satisfied? Well then, you just scored yourself a free lesson! ;) 

To get started, click the link below to fill out a google form and you'll receive a link to schedule your free trial lesson once it's completed! (Sorry, you'll have to enter redundant info to schedule the lesson - not too bad though!)

Returning Students

Good to see you again. There are two ways to study with me: Monthly 3 packs or buy in bulk and save with a semester (10 lessons over 3 months) which you can learn about more below.


For scheduling, rescheduling, keeping track of your lessons and quick access to things like a metronome and your google classroom, please sign into The Student Portal, however If you wish to save a card on file, pay in person, at a later date or would just like a recurring time and don't feel like selecting each day, contact me and I'll set the lessons up for you. Once I've added them, click on the student portal and you'll be able to add the days and times to the calendar and even pay for them via the student portal.


Pro Tip: If you click the portal link on a mobile device you can save it to your phone for quick access (***Needs to be Safari in order to make the book mark on your home screen!***)

Watch this video for help.

Lesson Package Details


3 Packs:

3 Packs will give you 3 lessons within a given month for you to use whenever's good for you, but ideally with a set day and time. Reschedule as needed, but as always, I do charge for cancelling within 24 hours unless you're sick or it's an emergency. Option to buy an extra lesson of the same amount of time for a little more available. Lessons don't carry over into the next month unless the fault is on my end and you can buy an extra lesson or 2 if needed.

$105 - 30 Minutes

$150 - 45 Minutes

$195 - 60 Minutes

Extra 30: $30

Extra 45: $35

Extra 60: $40


If you know you really want to learn your instrument, I'll reward you. Save $15-30 dollars AND get an extra lesson for free when you sign up for this semester pack. PLUS, you'll have greater flexibility with lessons because you'll be able to use any of the lessons within 3 months as opposed to the 3 packs where you can't carry over lessons into the next month. 24 hrs cancelation policy still applies. Payments can be split up if needed.

$300 - 30 Minutes

$435 - 45 Minutes

$555 - 60 Minutes

*** If you want a recurring weekly day/time, it'll be much easier for me to book a semester package for you.

Join Your Lesson Via Zoom 


If you're looking where to sign on for a lesson, I'm happy to say your search is over. Click here