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Welcome and thank you so much for considering to study with me! 

What To Expect

Besides the fun and productive lessons with flexible scheduling, each student gets their own google classroom where you'll find all your homework including PDFs, Links, video aids, backing tracks, your archived zoom lessons, etc. And, if at any point you have a question, need a chart, or whatever, just drop a line and I'll get back to you ASAP!

Pricing Structure

I sell packs of lessons per month with a minimum requirement and an opportunity to save when you attend more. 

30 Minute Lessons:

Minimum to buy is 3 per month at $100

$120 for 4, $140 for 5

45 Minute Lessons:

Minimum to buy is 2 per month at $100

$150 for 3, $180 for 4, $200 for 5

60 Minute Lessons:

Minimum to buy is 1 per month at $75

$140 for 2, $180 for 3, $220 for 4, $250 for 5


You may reschedule as needed and as my schedule permits, however, I do charge 50% for cancelling within 24 hours unless you're sick or it's an emergency. Lessons do not carry over into the next month unless the fault is on my end.

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