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My main instrument of expertise is the guitar, but I also teach bass, mandolin and ukulele.


In general, I love to play and teach most genres, but I would say classical and metal are not my strong suit. And now that I've brought up strong suits, I would say that would be theory and fretboard knowledge is where I excel. It's my goal to get each student to understand as much as they can so that it's not just a song you're learning, but actually building towards a greater understanding of the instrument and music as a whole. That being said, I try to make it as fun as possible by teaching you stuff you want to learn infusing dumb humor to make it less painful.

New students are welcome to a FREE trial lesson. Just click the link and fill out the form and once I receive it, I'll send you a link to book your first lesson.


Returning students can purchase and schedule at their connivence, just click the icon.

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