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Dave Brown's Music Lessons

has morphed into dB's Sound Education

Free trial lesson for all those who possess curiosity and a positive attitude.

Located at Flipside Music: 1673 S. Acoma St. Denver CO

Or anywhere via FaceTime or Skype

5 Star Reviews Across the Board!


If you are seeking guitar lessons take this into account: You're going to learn the chords and strum patterns regardless of who teaches you. The trick is finding someone who is passionate about music and teaching it to others.

Outstanding is not a word I sling around haphazardly, but Dave has earned it. Dave is very passionate about his music, is a very talented musician and he sincerely enjoys passing along his knowledge to others. If you chose Dave as your instructor, you will not be disappointed in any way. His price is a great value.

Richard D.

Denver, CO

Dave was my only guitar teacher,so he taught me basically everything I know. I could not have asked for a better teacher than him, because he taught me enough in a year and a half that I can continue to build on for the rest of my music career.

Greg F.

Pittsfield, MA

Dave is an amazing guitar teacher! He is great with everybody I see him with. Even young people that are around the age of 7. Dave taught me the music I like. He would always ask me "So what's next on the list?" if I forgot to do homework he didn't get mad at all, he just worked around it. Lessons were always fun and funny. Dave definatley new what he was talking about with guitar.

Ryan G.

Pittsfield, MA

1 / 5

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